School Beautification

Studies have shown that involving students in the process of improving the quality of their school environment teaches pride of ownership, community spirit, and leadership skills. Students who take part in campus beautification continue to seek experiences in campus improvement. In these studies, Administrators have reported a positive change in student behaviors and that beautification experiences benefited students from all academic levels and behavioral backgrounds. Schools that implement these activities report that students benefited most directly from campus beautification, while others stated that the staff was most positively affected. In either case, the overall perceptions were that campus beautification improved student behavior and academic performance. Additionally, beautiful landscaping, clean facilities and cheerfully adorned common areas push students in the right direction by giving them a wonderful space to work and grow in. They come into school knowing that they’re worth something because someone took the time to take care of a place they call home for eight or more hours of the day. Along with encouraging students to be more involved in their school day, beautification teaches students how to be more respectful of the environment and to clean up after themselves.

The PTA invites all students, their families, teachers, and staff to take part in this new committee. We strongly encourage families to purchase a PTA membership if they want to take part in the committee. Students, teaches and staff are also welcome to purchase a membership, but it is not required.

Meeting Notes